Meadow Installation in Burlingame 

Liz and Chris had a mostly-dead lawn that they wanted replaced with something that would  be inviting and attractive from both inside the house and out.  Chris is from England and wasn't too keen on removing the lawn entirely.  Liz wanted more of a vertical element, lower water usage, and color.  There used to be many butterflies in the yard, but in recent years they had no longer been seen.

'Before' pictures (click to enlarge)

Stasia and Miri decided to replace the lawn with a native grass meadow.  This would keep the inviting low grass that makes Chris feel at home, while providing colorful flowers and vertical undulations for Liz.  The base plants were several varieties of Festuca and yarrow, peppered liberally with wildflower forbs and a few small shrubs.   Since the soil was hard and compacted, we mixed in compost and soil, and covered the new installation with a bright mulch to provide cohesive contrast while the flowers sprout and the grasses fill in.  The clients picked out some boulders and objects to add a sense of whimsy and height differential.  By the second day, we already saw some butterflies on the milkweed, salvias, and buckwheat!

'After' pictures 

We really enjoyed this job, because it fit right along with our philosophies of creating healthy habitats for families as well as flora and fauna!  Liz and Chris are thrilled with their new landscape and are enjoying watching it grow, change, and fill in.  We'll keep adding more pictures as time goes by!  To schedule your free 1/2 hour consultation,  email us!

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